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How this term is interpreted has not remained constant. Lovecraft short story of the same name. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The volume of films in this genre has slowed from the peak years in the s but continue to be produced to the present day. Among the most famous of the early instances is an illustration from the Hokusai Katsushika novel Kinoe no komatsu popularly known as The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife.

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The influence of European Victorian culture was a catalyst for legislative interest in public sexual mores.

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The genre is popular enough in Japan that it is the subject of parody. The popularity of these films has led to the subsequent production of numerous live-action tentacle films in Japan from the s to the present day. Leaders within the tentacle porn industry have stated that much of their work was initially directed at circumventing this policy. In the film Possession also from a woman copulates with a tentacled creature, although the tentacles themselves are never explicitly expressed as penetrating her.

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